Our Story

This is not your ordinary “Antique” store, it’s a great online site to come shop, buy and get creative ideas to fill your home.
Established in 2010.

Carl and Pamela

Carl and Pamela Reinemann have a true passion for antiques and collectibles, both are self-described ‘pickers’ and travel the countrysides, auctions and hidden treasure troves looking for unique and exceptional items.

Pam’s custom painted and upholstered settee.



Pamela’s passion is for the history behind the item and the stories they tell, some of the pieces you’ll see online are designed by Pamela herself. Her personal favorites to collect are Jewelry, Books, and Religious items and Ephemera.


Carl’s M37 Truck and collection of militaria

Carl’s forte’ leans toward the rough and rugged, as evidenced by his collection of militaria from WWI through the Korean War, including several restored military vehicles in Carls personal collection. Carl knows his militaria and is always on the lookout for the next historic piece.

Member of the Wisconsin Auctioneers Association 

and a Premier Partner with ProxiBid

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